ICT Training


We are a computer training institute located in Lagos Nigeria. We are established with a mission to deliver training at a professional level. One of the main objectives of our training is to enhance student's ability to visualize the real world problems and apply their theoretical knowledge to develop real time software applications.

With the increasing use of information technology in organization, education institution, business and corporate houses, government offices and various other areas in society the need of formal and non-formal IT education has considerably raised. To address the need, IT schools are required in good numbers. The low literacy rate in computer and IT also considerably adds up the need of computer learning centers in Lagos, Nigeria. These days IT is being used in almost every sector in Nigeria. Moreover, e-governance has not been fully implemented in Nigeria yet. The concept of e-banking is already introduced and people have started to use it in urban areas. The e-commerce system is being rapidly introduced in Nigeria and online business will flourish in years to come. Different online services are being introduced. These things highlight an urgent need for widespread computer training to generate a large number of human resources in the field of IT. Computer training institutes can play a significant role in generating IT human resource by providing all kinds of formal and informal information technology related training.

It is seen that current IT education in Nigeri is more tilted towards theoretical aspects rather than practical approach. There are large numbers of IT colleges offering three and four year computer degree programs. Some of the common degrees include computer engineering, computer science, information technology and management. Although it is a positive acknowledgement in the process of generating IT workforce, however the inadequate practical approach of teaching pedagogy has adverse effect on unemployment. It is due to the fact that educational institutions cannot fully emphasize on enhancing practical skills of students. The theoretical knowledge provides a good base however practical knowledge is equally important to provide a confidence to excel in the actual workplace. Students cannot perform well in their actual workplace after going through intensive 4 years of Bachelor degree in computing courses. Along with that we also see that there are a good number of students at post-secondary, undergraduate and graduate levels seeking to learn the concept of developing software applications prior to joining a software development company. Hence, professional computer training institutes can play a vital role in providing professional and job oriented skills.

There are many computer training institutes in Lagos, Nigeria that provides training on various computer courses. They respond to address issues related to low practical skills by providing professional and job oriented training courses from experts of a software development company. But the question still remains. Can training institute raise the students' levels by providing few weeks of training under the guidance of experts? Thus along with the industry compliant syllabus, the teaching methodology is what computer training institute should work on to make the training more effective.

Unlike other computer institutes, we do not only focus on training. Firstly our syllabus is designed by professional who are both in academic field as well as in the development sector. Training is never self-sufficient for students who need extra guidance. Hence, we have started intensive internship programs where students are associated on real time software development practices. Our computer training programs which are totally based on practical approach will enable student to apply their theoretical knowledge in solving practical problems. The training methodologies applied at our computer institute are devised after a long experience in this area.